This is Goodbye.

Hello every fairy. I know this post will be a sad one but please hear me out.

Yes, I am leaving. I left Pixie Chat and I am leaving the community. BUT, I will be keeping my blog up and I will be checking to see what everyone is blogging every once in a while.

Reasons are:

I am a junior in high school, I am in cross country, I am going to major in art, I am part of the musical, I am part of an organization outside of school, I go to church, I go to a school that gives HEAVY homework loads and is an advanced school, I have amazing friends and family that I have been blessed with-all of this is my life. I live a very busy life. These things are very very important to me and that I need to focus on.

Pixie Hollow is important to me as well and I have not lost hope in Pixie Hollow. But, good things come to an end. It’s sad but it is a part of life. One day, each one of you will be older and will be in the same position I am and it will be very difficult to let go of special things.

Pixie Hollow has had a special place in my heart and will always have a special place in my heart. I know that you and the future pixies will always bring hope in the community and continue to make wonderful memories.

I have made wonderful friends in this community and I am super blessed.Thank you for making me feel so welcome. I love you all. ❤

If you want to contact me, my email is on my blog or you can text me.

Well. I wish each one of you every happiness. And remember:

Always have Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust.

God bless. 🙂

~❤️~Anastasia Nightbelle



Update from the Mainland

Hello everyfairy! I haven’t been able to keep up with posting blog posts frequently and I am sorry for that. This first week of school was tiring and busy.

I am sorry to say that: I won’t be able to post much anymore. There are some distractions, such as social media that are keeping me from focusing on school and I really need to focus on school because it is my number 1 priority. I need to minimize the amount of social media I go on.

I’ve always struggled with school and I have always gotten summer school during the summers and I want to change that. I want to be able to have a free summer before senior year. I want to try new things (such as auditioning for musicals) and take big steps in my art career but I need to get rid of the distractions.

I haven’t gotten to play Fairy ABC at ALL since it opened and I don’t think I will be able to go on there ever. So, I don’t know what to post and I don’t think I can keep up with it.

So, I am sorry again. This is NOT good-bye.  I will still be in Pixie Chat on Hangouts. I hate to say this but.. I am probably going to leave the Pixie Chat..That’s ONLY if it’s a huge distraction. I would hate to leave y’all because y’all are my friends but sadly people move on, it happens. I am not moving on yet but.. I can tell that it’s soon. My life is ahead of me, it’s in the reality.

If anyone wants to personally message me like text me by my phone number, ask me through Pixie Chat.

Fly with ya’ll later. 🙂

~❤~Anastasia Nightbelle


Fairy Drawing! ✏️ (And YouTube Update)

Hey every fairy! I have a fairy drawing to show you!

I was bored recently and decided to draw a sketch of a fairy face 😊


I hope you like it!! ❤️ I will try to post more drawings!

Now onto YouTube, I posted two videos of Pirate101 gameplay, so please please check it out! If you don’t know my YouTube name from my previous post, it’s Astral Purple! (My profile pic is of an anime girl in purple)

Also, I will be posting an update video on my channel talking about what content I want to post on there besides gaming.

Please please please subscribe!! 

Have a flutterific day ❣️

~❤️~Anastasia Nightbelle

HUGE Event Coming Soon!!!


Marigold's Musings

Hi, Pixies!

The 2016 Pixie Hollow Events’ Committee has been working countless hours to bring the Pixie Blogging Community an event so HUGE that it will be the most interactive, most action-packed, and most thrilling event we’ve hosted to-date!!! 😀

Before I make the official event announcement, let me back up a bit and introduce everyone to this year’s amazingly talented Pixie Hollow Events’ Committee:

Marigold SunjewelFounder & President
Carrie Tuliptwist – 2015 & 2106 Member
Crystal Oakbelle – 2016 Member
Gwyn – 2016 Member
Minerva Grace – 2015 & 2016 Member
Rose MorningMist – 2015 & 2016 Member
Sarah Diamondswirls – 2015 & 2016 Member
Tessa Cherrywillow – 2016 Member

Want to find out more info about the committee members, a full calendar of event activities, event details, and other fun tidbits? Visit the official Pixie Hollow Events website by clicking the banner below:

2016 Events Banner

Alright, it’s now the moment you’ve…

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Update and YouTube!

Hello fairies! It has been a long while since my last post. I have been incredibly busy with vacation and school work. I don’t know what my future posts will be about since I was going to make them about Fairy ABC but sadly, I haven’t been able to go on it at all since the release date. So, It would be helpful if ya’ll can give me some ideas for future blog posts! 🙂

Also, an addition to this update, I have launched my very own gaming channel!! 😀

I have been wanting to do this for a very long time and I just couldn’t wait to make one till I get my very own laptop, so I decided to make one now, save up for a laptop, and make better content in future videos. 🙂

My YouTube channel link is here:

I will be starting out my first videos on gameplay from Pirate101 and from a new Pirates of the Carribbean Online remake called Pirates Online Retribution (coming out this weekend!). I really like pirates, okay? 😛 I can also make videos about Pixie Hollow and etc. and spread the word about our community if ya’ll think that’s a great idea!

I would like it, if ya’ll have YouTube channels, if you could subscribe to my channel! It would make me so happy! 🙂 ❤

I plan to play other games as well! Like League of Legends, Tera Online, etc. If ya’ll have any recommendations of any awesome games ya’ll have played, please tell me in the comments below! and if any of ya’ll are gamers, we should play games together and collab on YouTube! That would be so much fun! 😀

A lot of information lol! Sorry about that! 😛

Have a flutterific day! ✨

~❤️~Anastasia Nightbelle

The Pixie Hollow Dress-Up Game Project

Crystal Oakbelle's Pixie Memories

I was browsing the Pixie Hollow Forums today when I came across a very promising project by Onionleaf.

She’s creating a dress-up  game based on Pixie Hollow’s wardrobe.  She needs help, asking for you to send her pictures of your fairies in outfits she doesn’t all ready have copies of.

The link to the thread is here.  Go ahead and check it out.  All of the information you need to either test or help with the game is there, so check it out!  It would be great if the game was to be a success.  I’m anxiously awaiting its completition.

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Petition Updates

Spread the word!!

A Touch of Mist

Hi, Pixies!

In Rose’s absence, I wanted to give everyone an update on a couple PBC petitions 🙂

Pixie Hollow – Bring Back the Talent Games

  • As of 06/21/2016: 24 out of 100 supporters needed
  • Jun 21, 2016 — “Hey everyone, thanks for singing! We’re getting closer to be able to get our Talent Games back! Please remember to share this petition with other people to make sure we reach our goal. Thanks again!” – Rose MorningMist

Disney Developers/Disney Interactive – Bring Back Pixie Hollow

  • As of 06/21/2016: 88 out of 100 supporters needed
  • Jun 21, 2016 — “Thanks so much for signing! We are so close to 100 now! Keep it up by posting about the petition on blogs, YouTube videos, or any social media possible! We need as much signatures as possible to make this happen one day. Lend a wing!” –…

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