Fairy Drawing! ✏️ (And YouTube Update)

Hey every fairy! I have a fairy drawing to show you!

I was bored recently and decided to draw a sketch of a fairy face 😊


I hope you like it!! ❤️ I will try to post more drawings!

Now onto YouTube, I posted two videos of Pirate101 gameplay, so please please check it out! If you don’t know my YouTube name from my previous post, it’s Astral Purple! (My profile pic is of an anime girl in purple)

Also, I will be posting an update video on my channel talking about what content I want to post on there besides gaming.

Please please please subscribe!! 

Have a flutterific day ❣️

~❤️~Anastasia Nightbelle


2 thoughts on “Fairy Drawing! ✏️ (And YouTube Update)

  1. Your drawing is so good!
    I hope to see more sketches 😊
    And I will definitely check out and subscribe to your Yourube channel. I have one, too, but I don’t post anything, I just save videos and follow my favorite youtubers. My name on YouTube is Snowflake Fancypuff.

    Liked by 1 person

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