Introducing a New Fairy ❤️

Hello Fairies! You know that special event I would mention about in my previous posts? Well, that special event was on June 9th. It was ceremony for a new fairy. 😊

(Throwback to June 8th)

Queen Clarion came up to my door  and she wanted to discuss something important. We had tea and she told me that on the 9th of June, I will have a sister.

When I heard this, It was really unexpected and didn’t know that something this special would happen to me. After hearing this news, I was super excited!!

“I wonder what talent she will choose..” 

~June 9th 

After a long day of preparation for the ceremony, it is finally time for the celebration. 

The laughter of a baby is heard all the way from the mainland..


All of the fairies of Pixie Hollow gather to the Pixie dust tree where the ceremony is held..


Everyone is happy and chatting away. Queen Clarion comes in..”It’s starting!”..Queen Clarion gives her greetings and it begins..

Queen Clarion: “Have you ever wondered how nature gets its glow? Who gives it light and color and as the seasons come and go? This is work of the Fairies, but they stay well out of sight. And now the time has come for a new Fairy to take flight.” 

Out of nowhere, a tulip grows and hangs down over the gound and out comes a fairy! 

“Born of Laughter, clothed in cheer! Happiness has brought you here. Welcome to Pixie Hollow! A great big happy hello to you! We can help you discover your inner fairy.” 

“Now, which talent do you wish to be, little one?” 

The young fairy looks at all of the talents. The one that catches her eye is the symbol of the light fairies: a bright light


She chooses light!


She’s given a belt symbolizing the light talent: 


She chooses her look:

Alina's Finished Look

Then she chooses her name. 

Queen Clarion: “Fairies of Pixie Hollow, I present Alina Sunglow, newest member of the Light talent Fairies!” 

All of the fairies cheer and clap for Alina! Queen Clarion gives Alina a warm smile and Alina smiles back and looks out to all the fairies. 

Anastasia Nightbelle is far back in the crowd of fairies but she saw the whole thing clearly and is extremely happy for her sister. 💗


I hope ya’ll are as happy as I am for Alina! If ya’ll would like to hear what happened after the ceremony (where Alina and Anastasia meet for the first time) that day, leave a comment below! 😃


~❤️~Anastasia Nightbelle


7 thoughts on “Introducing a New Fairy ❤️

  1. Beautiful! ❤
    Yes, please, I would love to hear how they met.
    Thank you for sharing this very special ceremony with us!
    ~ * ~ Happy Arrival Day Alina ~ * ~

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