Bringing our Talent Games back!

Hello Fairies! Rose Morningmist has created a petition to bring the Talent games back as you may know and we only have 9 supporters.. 9!!

Come on Fairies! We can reach our goal!! We got a lot of signatures on our other petitions! Why can’t we get that many on this petition??

Please spread word!! To everyone!! I know this ins’t for bringing back Pixie Hollow as a whole but it’s been years fighting for Pixie Hollow and we want at least SOMETHING from Pixie Hollow to be brought back.

I was thinking for an idea that a few of us fairies can make a pixietube (I know Gwyn is making one) and make videos about Pixie Hollow Online and spreading the word about this petition for bringing back the Talent games. There are YouTubers out there that want Pixie Hollow Online back and don’t know about the PBC community, so I think we need to reach out to them by contacting them to join our community and spreading the word by making YouTube videos. I am thinking about making a pixietube as well.

So, please sign, comment, and spread the word!! We can reach our goals with Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust! 😊 ✨

Link to petition:


~❤️~Anastasia Nightbelle




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