How I Met Benedict ✧

It was a beautiful and calm day. It has been a week since my arrival to Pixie Hollow and it has been absolutely wonderful here!! 💗 Spring is in the air and it is time to start building new things to help the fairies of Pixie Hollow!

I have been writing down ideas about some inventions I had in mind all morning. I decided to take a break and go outside and sit on the top of my fairy-made tree house home. I lived in Cottonpuff Field and every morning, I went to work at the Tinker’s Nook.

The view from my home was incredibly stunning. You could see all the Cottonpuff Trees and the Tinker’s Nook off in the distance! Also, the big clouds in the sky! I was extremely happy to call Pixie Hollow my home. 💕

I went back inside, sat down at my desk, and looked at my journal where I have written down my ideas from earlier. I was satisfied with what I had written down and decided take a trip to the Beach Cove to find lost things. I put my sketchbook, pencils, and journal in my handbag and flew out the door to the Beach Cove.

When I reached the Beach Cove, I went into the forest of tropical trees and saw plenty of lost things! Some shiny, some dull. Some rounded, some pointed. I picked up a ball of rope, a pearl necklace, a bell, and some nails and put it in my handbag.

All of a sudden, I heard small squawking. I looked around to see if I could find where the squawking was coming from. I walked forward into more forest of tropical trees and then I found a small Eurasian magpie with it’s leg stuck under a tree branch. I immediately went to the tree branch, lifted the branch up, and the bird stood up on it’s legs, trying to walk. I looked at the bird and it had beautiful blue, black, and white feathers and black beady eyes. I could tell the bird was male. I got my sketchbook and pencils out and quickly sketched out the bird in my sketchbook and put it away.


“Hey little guy, did you come from the Mainland?” The bird looks at me and he comes up to me and flies onto my knee. I pet him gently on the head and he seemed to like it!

“Do you want to come with me buddy?” The bird looked at me again with those black beady eyes, I smiled and I took it as a yes. 😊

“I will call you Benedict.” I stood up and he flew onto my shoulder and we flew back home to Cottonpuff Field. ⇻


Hello Fairies! I hope ya’ll enjoyed my first story of Anastasia’s Stories! It was really fun to write ♡ If ya’ll could tell me what kind of stories you would like to read here, please leave a comment down below please, it would be greatly appreciated ❣️

~❤️~Anastasia Nightbelle



15 thoughts on “How I Met Benedict ✧

  1. Awww, you rescued Benedict & became best friends ❤ This is a great story!
    How about, as another story in the series, a story of Anastasia and Benedict going on an adventure together? Something that takes them to an exciting place neither one of them has seen before?
    I think that would be really fun 🙂

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