Fairy Art Fun!

Hello Fairies! Since I am a Scribe Fairy and I love writing, I am probably going to plan to write stories about my fairy on my blog. I am not a good story-teller but I will try my best. 😃


I love how Lizzy (in Tinkerbell and The Great Fairy Rescue) makes a book for Fairy Research and I actually want to do this. It’s so cute! 💖 When we get Pixie Hollow Online back up somehow, we all need to find a journal and write down Fairy Research based from the game. It would be fun! 💗 I know you can do it on your blog but it would be fun to do it on paper, so that you can hang those papers on your walls. 😄 I also plan to do fairy artwork (drawings) and post pictures of them on my blog. So, like fairy hairstyles, full body drawings of fairies, and etc. 💕


~❤️~Anastasia Nightbelle


5 thoughts on “Fairy Art Fun!

  1. Hi Anastasia, your ideas sound great! I like to read and write stories too. I’m also thinking of posting a drawing of my fairy, or just a page I colored, every now & then. Yay for the arts!

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