Remembering Pixie Hollow #1

Hello Fairies! As a Scribe-talent fairy, my job is to keep record of Pixie Hollow’s history and events. I know what I am about to show you are things you have seen before and are easy to find but I want to put them on my blog to keep record and also to trigger back memories.

❥ Remembering the Tearoom:


I had a lot of memories in the Tea Room (2012 Garden Tea Party) ❤ This was one of the places that I would always go to to meet with friends and drink tea and chat. Of course, there were always some attractive sparrow men that we talked about..😂 Anyway, this was one of the most popular places. I had so many memories here. 💕

❥ Remembering Dewdrop Vale:


This was the main place I went to to meet new fairies! I remember always going to Brook’s Basics to shop at and sitting on the benches on the hill or on top of the shop 😄 I also had many memories here. 💗

These are just a couple of the places I always went to. I am sorry I didn’t tell ya’ll about any interesting memories. It’s been years a few years since Pixie Hollow Online closed and my memories are kind of fading..That’s why I put these up here to look back at. 😊 If you want me to do more of these Remembering Pixie Hollow posts, please leave a comment below! I am excited for more posts in the future! ❤❤❤


~❤️~Anastasia Nightbelle


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